Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s Willow Road Elementary School Participates in the Great Kindness Challenge

February 9, 2024

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s Willow Road Elementary School recently took part in the Great Kindness Challenge, a week-long initiative aimed at promoting kindness and compassion.

Throughout the week, students at Willow Road Elementary School engaged in various activities and discussions centered around the theme of kindness. The school organized a spirit week, during which students had the opportunity to express their kindness in creative and fun ways.

Willow Road Principal Cindy Gervasi expressed her gratitude to students, teachers, and staff for their enthusiastic participation in the Great Kindness challenge. She emphasized the importance of kindness in building strong relationships and creating a supportive community within the school.

One of the highlights of spirit week was “Throw Back the Magic of Kindness Day.” During this very special day, students dressed up to celebrate the power of kindness represented in some of our favorite childhood stories. Another exciting day during spirit week was “Team Up for Kindness Day”, during which students proudly wore the jerseys and colors of their favorite sports teams to foster a sense of unity and emphasize the importance of kindness in sportsmanship and collaboration. On “Kindness Rocks Day”, students arrived at school dressed up as rock stars, showcasing their unique personalities through their vibrant outfits.

In addition to spirit week activities, students also engaged in discussions about the meaning of kindness and shared ideas for acts of kindness. They filled out worksheets highlighting their positive characteristics and wore kind messages to their teachers and classmates, further promoting a culture of kindness and empathy within the school community.