VS13 Student Artwork is Draw-Dropping!

May 10, 2021

Students and Faculty Get Recognized for Their Achievements at BOE Commendation Ceremony

Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen recently held a Virtual Board of Education Commendation Ceremony to honor selected faculty members for their dedication and years of service and celebrate student achievement.

For staff awards, Debora O’Connor, James A. Dever Grade 1 Teacher, was recognized for her 35 years of tenure and 50 years of service as a member of the Girl Scouts. Kristina Karouzakis, Willow Road School Speech Therapist, was commended for her determination and perseverance in attaining and creating opportunities for Willow students. Lastly, Andrea DiMango, District Director of Technology and Innovation, was honored for being a “COVID Technology Warrior”, ensuring critical success of remote learners and the District’s reopening plan.

The District’s Art Department then recognized the following students that participated in the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) Student Art Exhibit. The following students were commended: Ryan Stevens, grade 2; Isaac Roberts, grade 2; Omar Iqbal, grade 2; Anthony Ramirez, grade 6; Davina Somerville, grade 5; Nizar Saoud, grade 6; Gabriella Basile, grade 5; Isabella de los Santos, grade 2; Lorenzo Centore, grade 1; Victoria DeOliveria, grade 2; Kyla Washington, grade 2; and Yaelle Pierre, grade K.

Students were also recognized for the work chosen to be displayed at the 31st Annual Legislative Student Art Exhibit, which was held virtually due to the pandemic. The following students had their work featured: Kaylie Soto, grade K; Julian Melendez, grade K; Aya Bosaka-Stewart, grade 3; Aurelia Bahadar, grade 2; Bristal Lindsay, grade 3; Ava Roman, grade 3; Hamna Adrees, grade 6; Shariq Khan, grade 5; Mohammed Arshad, grade 6; and Herwinder Multani, grade 6.

Several students were commended for participating in the 17th Annual Art Supervisors Association All-County Art Exhibit. Muzzamil Shehzad, grade 6; Mikayla Aziz, grade 6; Manraj Singh, grade 2; Julian Melendez, grade K; Kaylie Soto, grade K; Journie Nembhard, grade K; Joseph Lentini, grade 6; Mia Graine, grade 6; Simardeep Kaur, grade 6; Joanna Joseph, grade 6; Aila Ahmed, grade 6; Natalie Sammarco, grade 4; Alexandra Nanavrakis, grade 4; and Austin Snyder, grade 4.

Finally, several remote students were selected to earn the “Remote Art Achievement Award”. The following students were awarded: Steven Santiago, grade 6; Alessia Surdich, grade 6; and Aliyah Fajardo, grade 5.