Wheeler Avenue Elementary School Hosts Anti-Bullying Assembly

May 22, 2024

Wheeler Avenue Elementary School was honored to welcome Joe Salamone, the founder and executive director of the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying (LICAB), for a special presentation on the importance of empathy and respecting boundaries. The event empowered students with the knowledge and tools to foster a bully-free school environment.

During his visit, Mr. Salamone engaged with students in an interactive and enlightening session highlighting the significance of understanding and respecting each other’s boundaries. He emphasized how these actions are crucial steps toward building a compassionate and supportive school community.

“Empathy is the foundation of a bully-free school,” Mr. Salamone explained. “By understanding and respecting each other’s boundaries, we create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued.”

The students at Wheeler Avenue Elementary School participated enthusiastically, asking questions, and sharing their thoughts on how they can contribute to a more inclusive and respectful school culture. Mr. Salamone’s visit provided practical strategies for students to recognize and address bullying behaviors, encouraging them to be proactive in standing up for themselves and others.

Principal Dr. Ruth Peets-Butcher expressed gratitude for Mr. Salamone’s visit. “We are incredibly grateful to Joe Salamone and LICAB for their commitment to promoting kindness and respect in our schools,” she said. “His message resonated deeply with our students, and we are confident it will have a lasting positive impact on our school community.”

This event is part of Wheeler Avenue Elementary School’s ongoing efforts to promote a safe and nurturing environment for all students. By partnering with organizations like LICAB, the school continues to provide valuable resources and education on the importance of empathy, respect, and anti-bullying strategies.