Wheeler Avenue Elementary School Hosts Color Run

October 24, 2022

(OCTOBER 2022)—Recently, Wheeler Avenue Elementary School students gathered outside wearing their school spirit attire to participate in their annual Color Run.

“It was a wonderful day for our students, being able to get outside, get some exercise, and participate in some fun activities with their classmates.  Our students loved being covered in splashes of colors as they were running,” said Dr. Ruth Peets-Butcher, Principal of Wheeler Avenue Elementary School. “Physical activity is just as important as education inside the classrooms. It promotes positive health habits, allows students to build endurance, and develops their muscles and bones. Regular physical activity aids in good sleeping patterns and improves motor skills such as flexibility and balance.”

The Color Run was founded in 2011 with a mission to bring people together and create a race that is not about winning but about promoting health, happiness, and individuality.