Wheeler Avenue Elementary School Hosts Multicultural Night

May 15, 2023

To recognize cultures around the world, Valley Stream USFD Thirteen’s Wheeler Avenue Elementary School hosted a Multicultural Night. Students, faculty, and family enjoyed a night filled with experiencing the various traditions of different cultures. This event broadened the minds of students as it gave them the opportunity to discover other cultures through arts, food, traditional clothing, music, and dance.

“As students continue to grow and mature into global citizens, it is important that they develop an awareness of the diversity around them and an appreciation for the contributions and customs from different cultures and backgrounds. Multicultural Night encourages our students to celebrate the value and richness that diversity brings to their lives,” said Dr. Ruth Peets-Butcher, Principal of Wheeler Avenue Elementary School.

To celebrate the event, students, families, and faculty dressed in traditional clothing. Activities included food tasting, learning about traditional instruments, and having mehndi designs done. There were also performances of the Mexican skirt dance, Chinese lion dance, and more.