Wheeler Avenue Elementary School Visits Cradle of Aviation

April 1, 2024

Excitement filled the air as the students from Wheeler Avenue Elementary School went on an educational adventure to the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Students immersed themselves in the rich history of aviation, exploring exhibits, engaging in hands-on activities, and discovering the wonders of flight firsthand.

Dr. Ruth Peets-Butcher, principal of Wheeler Avenue Elementary School, was enthusiastic about the students’ educational journey. “At Wheeler Avenue, we believe in providing our students with enriching and immersive learning experiences that extend beyond the confines of the classroom,” she said. “This field trip further fostered our student’s love for learning and inspired them to dream big and pursue their passions.”

From the pioneering achievements of the Wright brothers to the awe-inspiring innovation of modern space exploration, students on the Cradle of Aviation field trip learned about the entire scope of aviation history and gained a deeper understanding of the pivotal role it has played in shaping our world. The lucky students were truly captivated by the immersive learning experience offered by the museum.