Wheeler Avenue Elementary School’s Kindness Club Donates Hand-Made Dog Toys

December 21, 2023

Wheeler Avenue Elementary School’s Kindness Club, a student-led initiative focused on promoting acts of kindness and compassion, has undertaken a heartwarming project to benefit the local animal shelter. The club members have repurposed old t-shirts by cutting and braiding them into dog toys, which they will be donating this holiday season.

Under the guidance of their teacher advisor, Ms. Galeotafiore, the members spent several weeks collecting old t-shirts from the school community. They then transformed these discarded garments into colorful and durable dog toys through a process of cutting and braiding. The students demonstrated creativity and teamwork as they worked together to repurpose the t-shirts into something useful and meaningful.

“We wanted to find a way to help the animals in our community, especially during the holiday season when they may need some extra love and care,” said Ms. Galeotafiore. “By repurposing old t-shirts into dog toys, we hope to bring joy to the animals at the local shelter and show them they are loved.”

The Kindness Club, consisting of dedicated students from various grade levels, aims to make a positive impact on the community by engaging in acts of kindness and spreading joy. This project not only promotes recycling and sustainability but also provides comfort and entertainment for the animals at the local animal shelter.