Wheeler Avenue Students Learn to be Good Sports

February 14, 2020

Sixth-grade students at Wheeler Avenue School in the Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen are being mentored by student athletes from Valley Stream Central High School as part of the Athletes Helping Athletes (AHA) Program. The program allows high school athletes to talk to elementary school students about what to expect in middle school and high school. The athletes help the young students pledge to stay away from drugs and alcohol and sharing their experiences with the young students.

“We believe that it is important for our younger students to have strong role models within their community,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Constance D. Evelyn. “The District strives to provide students with character building experiences like these to help them develop into well-rounded members of society.”

The program consists of a series of three workshops. During the most recent visit, the student-athletes focused on the importance of civility and how these behaviors relate to sportsmanship on and off the field. They also used their personal experiences and problem-solving scenarios to highlight and discuss the positive choices while combating negative behaviors such as bullying and teasing. At the end of the session, Wheeler Avenue students in the class were given an opportunity to ask the high school athletes questions.

The athletes serve as positive mentors and role models to the younger students. Several times throughout the year, the high school athletes will continue to visit their younger counterparts at Wheeler Avenue School and work with them to foster sportsmanship, civility and healthy choices through interactive workshops and exercises. The student athletes of Valley Stream Central High School are excited to foster a positive relationship with the students of Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen’s Wheeler Avenue School.