Willow Road Elementary School Student Educates Classmates For World Diabetes Day

November 29, 2023

Second-grade student Patrick Cuzmici from Willow Road Elementary School in Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen has taken initiative to educate classmates about diabetes in recognition of World Diabetes Day.

“Patrick’s initiative is a testament to the power of education and the role young people can play in raising awareness about important topics,” said Cindy Gervasi, Principal of Willow Road Elementary School. “We are proud of his efforts and hope that his actions inspire others to do the same.”

World Diabetes Day, observed on November 14th each year, is a global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes. The day is marked by events around the world aimed at raising awareness about the disease, its prevention, and management.

In educating his classmates about diabetes Patrick shared information about his symptoms, the causes of diabetes, and how he manages his diabetes. Patrick also spoke about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. His presentation was well-received by his classmates and teachers, who appreciated his efforts to spread knowledge and awareness about this important health issue.