Willow Road Elementary School Students Embark on Magical Field Trip to Watch The Wizard of Oz at Elmont Library

March 19, 2024

Willow Road Elementary School students were treated to a magical and enchanting experience as they embarked on a special field trip to watch a live performance of The Wizard of Oz at the Elmont Library. The exciting outing transported students into the fantastical world of Dorothy, Toto, and the Emerald City, captivating their imaginations and sparking appreciation for the arts.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to take our students on such a magical field trip and to a wonderful production,” said Cindy Gervasi, Principal of Willow Road Elementary School. “The live performance was a wonderful way to engage our students in the arts and foster their creativity.

The students eagerly gathered at the Elmont Library to witness the timeless tale of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery come to life on stage. The life performance provided a captivating and immersive theatrical experience for the students, allowing them to witness the magic of storytelling and performance.

As the students followed Dorothy on her journey down the yellow brick road, they were mesmerized by the colorful costumes and talented actors who brought the beloved characters of Oz to life. The field trip not only entertained and inspired the students but also provided them with a valuable opportunity to appreciate the arts and explore the world of theatre in a fun and educational way.