Willow’s Wellness Wednesday

April 3, 2023

(APRIL 2023)—Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen takes pride in ensuring students strive for their highest potential academically and emotionally. Willow Road Elementary School students are participating in Wellness Wednesdays, spearheaded by Willow Road student council members. Students are encouraged to incorporate wellness-related activities into their daily routine every Wednesday.

“Making sure that we give our students the right tools to succeed not just academically but emotionally and mentally is vital to their overall well-being,” said Rosalie Ambrosio, Principal of Willow Road Elementary School. “Promoting wellness enhances our students’ intrinsic motivation and academic achievement.”

Each Wednesday, students at Willow Road start their day with announcements featuring positive messages and ideas for wellness activities. Teachers and students are encouraged to wear comfortable workout-style clothing and take part in the Walk-It-Out Wednesday school-wide initiative. During classes when teachers and students agree a “brain break” is in order, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and/or walks are introduced. During their physical education classes, students utilize new fitness pedometers to track their steps.