Willow Road Elementary School

880 Catalpa Drive
Franklin Square, NY 11010

Phone: (516) 568-6640
Principal: Ms. Rosalie Ambrosio

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Principal’s Message:

Welcome to Willow Road School!
The children at the Willow Road School are the heart of our building and we are dedicated to their success. Hence, our faculty, staff, and administration are completely committed to creating a caring and kind environment in which to learn and flourish. We fully embrace the belief of an unlimited potential within children, along with their desire to learn. Social and emotional learning is equally important to the healthy development of our children. For this reason, the district has adopted the Ruler Program, an integrated social emotional curriculum that is focused on ensuring that our students can effectively express their feelings and share what’s important to them about being a part of the Willow Road School Community.

As parents, your partnership is a critical foundation that we count on to continue to build the staircase to high achievement for our children. We will continue to expect and honor your support and dedication as it solidifies our concentrated efforts ensuring overall student success. We encourage your participation at all levels and we thank you for your ongoing contributions.

Staff List


Rosalie Ambrosio

Faculty & Staff:

Victoria Mitchell and Carolanne Wahl
Katherine Pulvidente
Gail Shaw
Mary Danna
Antonella Sciscioli
Vita Tringone

Grade 1
Christine Coryell and Jeanette Walters
Jillian Mendes
Antonella Sciscioli

Grade 2
Cynthia Ambadjes
Hilary Rene and Melanie VanEron
Greer Korshin
Tristen Simmons

Grade 3
Nanci Brochhagen and Lisa Gimbel
Susan Cirakoglu
Greer Korshin
Paula Shulman

Grade 4
Matthew Costantino
Michelle Lepe and Lisa Roberti
Erica Ulsheimer

Grade 5
Donna Gonzalez and Maria Romeo
Deanna Capello
Alyssa Rivera
Erica Ulsheimer

Grade 6
Karen Higgins and Maria Romeo
Sharon Marrione
Alyssa Rivera

Donna Geidel

Christine Robinson

Gifted and Talented
Richard Rosenfeld

Instructional Coaches
Denise Simone (Math)
Laurie Salvatore (Literacy)
Cindia Alvarado (Technology)

Carole Anne Welk

Math Specialist
Lauren Cassidy

Amanda Agosta
Cynthia Shannon

Occupational Therapist
Christina DelGais

Physical Education
Peter Gatto
James Cundari

Physical Therapist
Shoshana Bazini

Mindy Berlin
Dr. Karen Jason

Reading Specialists
Mairead Dorry
Ilona Goldstein
Kati Miano

Social Worker
Debbie Kornfeld

Special Education
Lisa Gimbel
Greer Korshin
Lisa Roberti
Maria Romeo
Antonella Sciscioli
Paula Shulman
Melanie Van Eron
Erica Ulsheimer
Carolanne Wahl
Jeanette Walters

Speech Therapists
Pamela Doodnauth
Maura Lachance
Irene Pilavas Fisher
Kristina Karouzakis

Teaching Assistants
Jason Ambadjes
Juli Brathwaite
Joseph Consolazio
Janine DiVerde
Elias Gaston
Nancy Gioia
Deanna Gisonda
Patricia Sullivan

Building Aide
Lorraine Grosso

Classroom Aides
Colleen Accardi
Eileen Antonucci
Lillian Armocida
Patricia Babst
Deborah Blyskal
Yero Brockington
Janice Buontempo
Randi Carcione
Irene Costanzo
Sandy Gagstetter
Denise Gianesses
Diane Gonzalez
JoAnn Karalis
Tara Kramer
Irina Lebedeva
Ann Lochan
Carol Lucente
Marianne McKinley
Dawn Moreno
Maria Napolitano
Dulfay Quintero
Margaret Tosca
Christina Vila
Jawanza Wilson

Custodial Staff
William Buchanan
Lisa Centore
Charles Messler
Mark Schillow

Media Aide

Noon-Hour Aides
Ida Ammatuna
Cathy Carlino
Ellen DeMott
Francis DiMaggio
Janet Mason
Christine Masotto
Corinne Wilenski

Noon-Hour Supervisor
James Cundari

Michelle Vitalo

Dorothea Cornetta
Debbie McDougall

Security Desk
Josephine LoRe