About Our District


Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen is a suburban Nassau County district on the eastern border of New York City. With a population of approximately 28,000 people, it encompasses parts of the Village of Valley Stream, as well as the communities of North Valley Stream, Malverne, Franklin Square, and Elmont. Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen is an elementary system educating children from the kindergarten through sixth grade. The students attend Valley Stream Central High School District for grades seven through twelve.

Students in Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen represent the diverse community in which they live. The socioeconomic status of the community is at the middle of the spectrum and the community places a high value on maintaining an excellent educational system.

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen values close community-school partnerships. Parents are included as active members on shared decision-making teams, building action planning committees, and staff hiring committees. Local civic associations, such as the Norwood Park Civic Association and the Morton Civic Association, as well as the local Realtors Association, and other community leaders work collaboratively with the district to ensure community support for programs and the annual budget. District staff members also support community projects and events, which include the summer community orchestra program, annual parades, and legislative events.

The fine recreational and cultural facilities of Long Island and New York City are within a short driving distance. More than a dozen institutions of higher education are nearby.

The district is easily accessible from New York City and other parts of Long Island. The Southern State Parkway lies within the district. The Long Island Railroad and LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport are only a few miles away.


Valley Stream’s mission statement reads: Through the efforts of home, school, and community, the schools of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen enable students to become independent, responsible, self-confident, and motivated towards lifelong learning. To this end, the school district offers its entire community of learners a varied and challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. Children are expected to consider important ideas, to master basic skills, to develop keen problem-solving skills, to develop social responsibility, and to set high personal goals. Children become literate in the traditional sense, as well as in the areas of technology, science, and mathematics.

To make the mission statement a reality for the District’s 2,189 students, Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen employs 200 teachers and administrators in four schools – James A. Dever, Howell Road, Wheeler Avenue, and Willow Road.

The instructional program is guided by a strong philosophical belief in constructivist practices. These practices engage students in meaningful and challenging learning activities that are differentiated based upon the needs, abilities, and interest of the students. Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen is especially proud of its programs and curricular initiatives.

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen recognizes that technology is a tool that has the potential to enhance learning, especially when integrated into an instructional program that engages students in authentic, meaningful learning opportunities.

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen continues to improve the instructional techniques of its teachers, employ a differentiated supervision model for their teacher evaluations and offer comprehensive professional development programs affiliated with Teachers College Columbia, the Educational Development Center, and City College of New York.

Belief Statement
We believe that:

  • All Children can learn at the highest levels;
  • Teaching and learning should be differentiated and child-centered;
  • Social and emotional learning is critical to the learning process;
  • We should have challenging learning experiences for all educations and children;
  • Children learn best by constructing a new understanding of their relationships to the world around them (i.e., constructivist approach)
  • Children should become lifelong learners and well prepared for post-secondary life experiences

Mission Statement
The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen offers our life-long learners a robust curriculum through the partnership of home, school, and community. We expose our children to important literature and ideas, to master fundamental skills, and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  We promote social responsibility encouraging students and staff to set high personal goals.

Vision Statement
Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen will treat each and every child as a scholar to be prepared to meet the challenges of their future.

District Goals
High Quality Curriculum and Instruction: Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen will develop and implement a high quality curriculum, instruction, and balanced assessment model for all students.  All staff will implement evidenced-based practices including high yield instructional strategies that increase higher order thinking, collaboration and creativity, and student engagement.

Leadership and Innovation: All members of the Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen community are valued and seen as contributors to the goals of the district. Allocation of resources will support job-embedded professional development dedicated to promoting creative problem-solving.  We will seek district-wide expertise and insights to realize measureable achievement gains for educators and students.

Systems Thinking: The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen will continually create benchmarks for success that align targeted resources to evaluate and enrich the quality of our instructional operational goals. Every student and educator will meet and exceed local and national measures of achievement.